SocialGood Cashback Program Participant Agreement

The SocialGood Cashback Program Participation Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms & Conditions") are conditions of the SocialGood Cashback Program (hereinafter referred to as the "SGCB") provided by Social Good Foundation Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "SGF", “Company” or “we”) between the customer (“you”) and the company (“SGF”).

  1. The customer, in regards to this agreement, agrees to the following terms and conditions:
    1. You fully acknowledge that by participating in this Cashback Program, our company is functioning as an "affiliate site". In order for you to receive cash back for purchasing goods from our partner companies, you must go to our site and use it to go to our partner’s site every time you purchase goods.
    2. We may terminate this campaign without notice. You acknowledge this upon participation of this campaign.
    3. If we find that you have done anything wrong, you will be immediately excluded from this campaign. In addition, you will be liable for any damages caused by your actions. Examples of illegal activities include, the following acts:
      1. Actions that can lead to crimes, such as fraud
      2. Actions that illegally utilize facilities of the Company or other third parties or actions that interfere with management or the operation of equipment
      3. Suspicious activities, such as making multiple accounts using this program, then claiming the cash back ownership rights to all accounts so as to send the cash back to only one account
      4. Acts that use multiple cash back accounts in order to obtain cash back illegal and/or inappropriately
      5. The act of using false information in order to carry out cash back actions
      6. Any other acts at which our company considers inappropriate
    4. If you are a resident of Japan, you can not apply or participate in this campaign at all.
    5. Customer’s information regarding purchase history and any other related information received from the affiliate programs is to be verified and judged at the discretion of our company. Depending on the result of our judgment / verification, we may reject your cash back application. If rejected, we are not obligated to provide the reason why it was rejected.
    6. The application date and time of this campaign is based on the time in Japan.
    7. This campaign is conducted in accordance to the laws of Japan.
    8. The company will prohibit the use of our services at our own discretion in the case where your participation is deemed to be in conflict with our program or at the disadvantage of the company.
    9. Our company agrees to comply with the above-mentioned conditions and fulfill our responsibilities that we have in connection with the operation of this program. Furthermore, other than the above, our company is not responsible for any other damages if such damages while participating in this program occur. In addition, we are not liable for any damages that may occur at all. You, the customer, understand and acknowledge this before agreeing to participate in this program.
  2. In regards to the acquisition of SocialGood (hereinafter referred to as "SG")
    By participating in this campaign, you can receive cash back through SocialGood (SG) free of charge. In regards to this SG, the below terms and conditions applies:
    1. SG will be listed on exchanges that are operated by business that handle the exchange of cryptocurrency at the end of December 2019. However, this schedule may change.
    2. SG shall be distributed at the specific time and timing as defined by us.
    3. SocialGood (SG) obtained by cash back through this campaign will be given a purchase guarantee (to buy back tokens). However, there is a possibility that the price guarantee will be canceled at our discretion due to environmental changes etc.
    4. Purchase guarantee is done for the development and protection of the SocialGood Ecosystem™. In order to fall under the purchase warranty, the following conditions must be satisfied:
      1. You must participate in this campaign and purchase goods through our partner sites.
      2. Furthermore, after listing SG, you must shop at our partner’s sites via our SocialGood Cashback site.
      3. The timing SG will buy back your tokens will be, after SG is listed, within 1 year from the time actual shopping has taken place. In addition, the Company will not buy back tokens after 1 year has passed from the time the actual shopping has taken place.
      4. Purchase Price: Regardless of SG’s price on cryptocurrency exchanges, 1 SocialGood = USD 10. The actual payment amount from us is the amount after deducting the necessary fees such as remittance charges.
      5. Units purchased: You can apply to purchase SG starting from 1 SG.
    5. While it may appear that our company is granting SG to our customers free of charge, on the other hand, the company grants this to our customers in consideration of the "services provided" by customers for providing us with marketing data.
  3. Ownership Rights
    1. This program. SocialGood(“SG”), and all rights related to them, namely, intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademarks, patents, (included, but not limited to, those rights) belong to the company.
    2. You cannot use these intellectual property rights without our prior approval. If such unauthorized use is found, we will take appropriate measures such as legal action.
    3. All costs and expenses incurred shall be the liability of the violator.
  4. Conditions of Usage of SG
    1. SG’s homepage’s Terms & Conditions of the Token Sale ("Terms") applies to the SG you acquire free of charge through cash back.
    2. The Company shall be able to change, provide or cancel all or part of the contents related to SG at any time without advance notice if deemed necessary.
    3. The rights related to SG cannot be inherited, transferred, loaned or provided as collateral to a third party.
  5. Privacy
    Our company will respect customer's privacy. We will treat your privacy and personal information in accordance to our privacy policy.
  6. Responsibility of the Customer
    1. If it is deemed that the customer is acquiring or using SG in violation of these Terms and Conditions, the company has the right to suspend the use of SG and take other measures deemed necessary and appropriate by the Company. However, the Company is not obligated to prevent or correct such violation.
    2. Due to the fact that the customer has used points (including cases where we received claims from third parties caused by such use), if we suffer any direct or indirect damage (including the burden of attorney fees) the customer must compensate for this immediately in accordance with our request.
  7. Non-Guarantee / Disclaimer
    1. The Company does not guarantee, implicitly or explicitly, that SGCB is free of de facto or legal flaws (including defects in the safety, reliability, accuracy, integrity, validity, suitability to be used for a specific purpose, and security etc., and/or any errors and bugs, infringement etc.). The company is not obligated to provide a service that eliminates such defects.
    2. We are not responsible for any damages or any other matters that might be disadvantageous for the customer due to the participation with SGCB.
    3. Customers are required to use equipment such as communication equipment required by customers for using SGCB. In addition, in the event that taxes and incidental expenses accompany this campaign, customers will be responsible for them.
    4. We are not responsible for any damages incurred by the customers related to or caused by the use or unavailability of content, advertisements, products, services etc. in this campaign.
    5. We will not be liable for any damages, even in the case where the SG gained by the customer as a result of this campaign is illegally used by a third party and damages occur to the customer.
  8. Changes to the Terms & Conditions of this Program
    We can change this agreement at any time without advance notice if deemed necessary. The changed terms will be effective from the point of posting and the customer will be considered to have consented to these changed terms by continuing to use our services even after such changes occur.

    Even after the customer has received cash back via tokens and even if there are new changes to the Terms and Conditions from the time they initially gave their consent, the Company can, at its sole discretion, change the amount of tokens offered, the rate, the timing, method, etc.
  9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
    This contract is in accordance with the laws of Japan and if any conflicts arise, the Japanese version of this Agreement’s Terms and Conditions shall prevail. Any dispute that arises between the customer and the Company or in connection with SGCB, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.