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  • socialgood icobench rating

1. What is SocialGood's “Shopping Mining™”?

You can get a valuable crypto asset for free just by shopping at the sites below.

Bitcoin requires difficult calculations (for Mining), but with the cryptocurrency, SocialGood (SG), just by shopping at partner companies, such as Amazon and eBay etc., you can get SG for free (Shopping Mining™)!

Now, Let's go get zero cost investment assets!

2. Why should you hold SocialGood (SG) as an asset?

Features of SocialGood as an Asset

  • SocialGood is a cryptoasset that is making society better.
  • SocialGood works in a way at which the more users increase, the more the asset value increases. SocialGood has received a patent for its business model and is considered a coin with rare value.
  • SocialGood is an asset that everyone can receive for free just by shopping at partner retail stores, such as Amazon, Apple, Alibaba, eBay, Lazada, Nike etc. (Shopping Mining™).
  • The operating company guarantees the fiat exchange value of the SocialGood granted by Shopping Mining™.
  • Since assets are provided at zero cost, it is certain that all users will profit. As a result, users will tend to increase, creating a virtuous cycle at which the asset value of SocialGood can be expected to rise.
  • Given the current coin’s market conditions, it is possible that the SocialGood coin’s market cap could increase by US$13,600 with every additional user (as of September 2019).

Progress of SocialGood

  • From March 2019, SocialGood has partnered with large global retail companies and started Shopping Mining™ (excluding residents in Japan). Currently, there are already over 85,000 users (as of September 2019).
  • SocialGood has already received the consent to list on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, and depending upon the regulatory situation in Japan, we plan to list as soon as possible.
  • In 2017, over 50% of the world’s cryptocurrency demand came from Japan. As soon as improvements have been made to Japan’s regulations, SocialGood is expected to prevail in the Japanese market.
  • Since these assets can be obtained through daily consumption, it is expected that they will become popular among general consumers, and not only to cryptoasset investors.

SocialGood's Operations

  • The operating company is funded by profits from coin issuance and advertising revenue from partner retail stores.
  • The operating company will automatically donate to social contribution organizations a portion of the total amount that users purchased while shopping.
  • The team has an incentive to raise the market cap of the coin, and, with a long-term perspective in mind, management is focused on maintaining and improving SocialGood's asset value.
  • The operating company is supported by a Japanese fintech group company which was founded in 2005 and has a subsidiary registered with the Financial Services Agency (FSA). This group has achieved over US$930 million worth of investment advisory contracts with wealthy clients and has succeeded in becoming Japan's largest marketplace for high net worth individuals, with members’ totals assets surpassing US$10 billion.
  • SocialGood To be Listed on Latoken, DigiFinex and Other Major Exchanges



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3. How does SocialGood's asset value rise?

Forbes Reported on the Value Rising Mechanism, as Submitted in Patents


“with a limited supply and forced demand, keeping volatility down but potentially slowly raising the value instead of wild up and down movements.”

- Forbes, April 16, 2019 >>

Watch the video below to learn more.
Read Whitepaper

4. Why now?

Get SocialGood now, before other investors!

  1. SocialGood was approved to list on exchanges worldwide, including DigiFinex and LATOKEN. We plan to list on all exchanges at the same time.
  2. Over 50% of the world’s cryptocurrency demand comes from Japan. SocialGood is a Rare Altcoin Expected to Be Japan’s First Altcoin on Japan's Exchanges >>

  3. Registered with the U.S. SEC for Institutional Investors >>

  4. SocialGood Helps Society, Making it an Attractive ESG Investment for Large Institutional Investors; Total ESG Market: Approx. US$900 Billion

*Market figures based on Pantera Capital forecasts, Oct. 2018

5. Now, how can you get SocialGood?

Find out more! Start by registering your email now. Everyone can get $1 for the SocialGood Airdrop. In addition, everyone can get over US$100 in SocialGood on purchased items by participating in our campaign through Shopping Mining™. If you continue to use our service while shopping, you can get cashback on all your purchases.

Let's join the Airdrop and participate in Shopping Mining™!

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